Configure Group Space blogs

The "Settings" link at the top of the list of posts allows admins to control how the blog behaves when new posts are created.

The first setting sets the email address of the moderator, which is a group admin who has overall responsibility for the blog.

  • Email moderator...: Selecting this checkbox will mean that whenever a group admin creates a blog post, the blog moderator will receive an email notification.

  • Enable comments...: Use this control to allow group members to leave comments in response to blog posts. The first subsequent checkbox activates notification emails to the blog moderator when new comments are posted, and the second hides those comments unless and until the moderator reviews them and posts them to the page.

  • Allow contributors to edit...: This option gives blog post authors the option to go back and correct any copy errors after the post has been published.

  • # Posts displayed...: Fill in this field with the number of posts that should be shown on the blog page. Posts are listed in reverse-chronological order, with the newest posts at the top of the page.

  • Remove email links...: By default, when a user posts a comment then the user's name is listed alongside, with a link to the commenter's email address. Select this option to hide the email links – the commenter's names will still appear, however.

  • Disable avatar display: If a user has selected an avatar for use in fsSocial messages, that avatar will also be displayed next to their blog comments, unless this checkbox has been selected.

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