Using Crisis Mode

This article refers to our legacy product, Page Manager. For the best Finalsite experience, we recommend using our newest product, Composer. To find out how to upgrade your site, talk to your Client Success Manager or learn more on our website.

The Crisis Mode Manager allows administrators to create a single page that users will see when visiting the site, blocking access to the rest of the front-end site in the event of an emergency. It helps prevent massive traffic on the site from causing a server crash, and should be used only in the most extreme of emergency circumstances (An example would be an event that generates national media coverage, causing an enormous spike in traffic to the website). When Crisis Mode is activated, all back-end administrative functions are still accessible to administrators.

To access the Crisis Mode Manager:

  1. Select Modules & Settings.

  2. Select Site Administration.

  3. Select Crisis Mode.

Crisis Mode Manager

In the Crisis Mode Manager window, admin users can set the Crisis Mode to On (which will prevent users from viewing the site), or Off (which will restore the site to normal activity). In the Message field, admin users can create any message they wish to display when the crisis mode is activated. The admin user has access to the full pop-up editor in this field, and can add images or other content as necessary. (NOTE: Links to internal site pages will not function in Crisis Mode. Links to site files stored in the file manager, however, will still function. So an admin user could provide a link to a pdf with emergency procedures, but could not link to an emergency procedures page on the site.)

Crisis Mode is intended only for use in situations of complete emergency, where there is potential for site traffic at such a level that it will adversely impact the site. When Crisis mode is turned on, any visitor to the site will be redirected to the page created in the Crisis Mode Manager. This is the only page that site visitors will be able to access while Crisis Mode is on. Site Admins can still access the administrative back-end of the site, enabling them to turn off Crisis Mode when the crisis situation has abated. We suggest creating a very generic Crisis Mode message ahead of time so that it can be activated quickly when needed. The message can be updated later as needed. A suggested initial message might be something like:

We’re sorry, our website is currently locked down due to an emergency.

Please check back again later. Updated information regarding the situation will be posted on our Twitter page.

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