Set the calendar tab

Site Admins with access to LMS Manager can set whether or not events are displayed on the date they're assigned in addition to the date they're due. Admins can also create multiple event "Types" that are able to accept uploads via a Dropbox.

Go to LMS Manager > Calendar tab.

This screen allows you to create new Event Types that can accept Dropbox uploads. The table will display all of the currently existing event types. Use the up/down arrows on the left-hand side of each type to re-order the table.

Click the green "Add New" button to create a new Event Type. Use the dropdown menu to select either "event" or "dropbox" to set whether or not new events of this Type will have Dropbox upload functionality.

Note: You cannot convert Event Types from "event" to "dropbox" after they’ve been created. If you already have a regular event type called "Project," for example, and you want it to accept Dropbox uploads, you would have to create a new "Dropbox" Event Type and then re-label the existing one.

You can give each event type a unique label. The labels are what teachers and other group admins will see when creating new events.

The column of radio buttons indicates which Event Type is set as the default for new Dropbox assignments. All of the Event Types will be available to teachers when creating new events on group space calendars in the LMS.

For Dropbox-enabled Event Types, use the dropdown menu to set whether events of that type appear on the date they're assigned, the date they're due, or both.

Note: The "Quiz" and "Athletic" event types are associated with data in Quiz Manager and Athletics Manager, respectively; Finalsite recommends that you do not edit the labels for those Types!

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