Discussion board settings in Finalsite Learn

Admins have a number of options when configuring discussion boards. Each of these can be applied differently to various discussion topics.

  •  Board Title: The Board Title should describe the topic being addressed.
  • Reply display format: The display format sets the order that posts display. "Chronological" will list all posts in order. This is best used with short topics or discussion replies that don't necessarily need to become longer conversations. "Threaded" allows posts to be displayed as replies to one another, even if they are separated chronologically. In Threaded view, any post that is a direct reply will show up indented and immediately below its parent. This allows longer conversations to develop without confusion over who's replying to whom.

  • Allow contributors to post...: Select this option to allow group members (and not just admins) to start new discussions.

  • Allow contributors to edit...: This option allows users to go back and make changes to their responses even after they've been posted.

  • Disable avatar display: When users participate in a discussion, their name as well as their fsSocial avatar will display next to their post. Use this option to disable the icon (users' names will still appear, though).

  • Enable other classes to share this discussion: Topics from one class can be set to appear on another class' Discussions tab, as long as this checkbox is selected.

  • Do not share comments...: If a discussion is shared to another class (see above), admins can elect not to share the original class' comments.

  • Email moderator... (2): Use the controls to set whether or not the board moderator should receive an email every time a new topic and/or new topic reply is posted.

  • Moderator email: Enter the email address of the user who's responsible for the discussion board and for editing comments posted to it.

  • Moderate... (2): If the moderation options are selected, the board moderator will have to approve each post and/or reply by logging in and manually publishing them in turn.

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