Upload items to dropbox with an iPad

Watch the Support video demonstrating this process on a (simulated!) iOS device, or read on for details.

To send files from an iPad to a Dropbox, use the "Email Uploader" feature. 

  1. Log in to the website and open File Manager. (iPad users may be able to do this directly from their tablet; other device users might have to log in from a regular computer. This step is only done to obtain an email address, so even if you can't do this from your mobile device, you only need to do it once from a regular computer.)

  2. In the "My Personal Files" section, open an existing subfolder, or create a new one.

  3. Each subfolder will have its own associated email address. Save this email address as a contact on your mobile device.

  4. To send files from your device, just send an email from the device to a subfolder in File Manager, and attach the file to be sent to the email.

  5. Once the file has been sent to File Manager, you can elect to then submit it to a Dropbox. Go to the Dropbox, and when submitting an assignment select "Existing File(s)"

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