Create new resources

To create a new resource in a group space, follow the following steps. 

Click the green "New Resource" button to open the New Resource window.

Give the resource a Title, and use the dropdown menu to select a Folder for this resource (resources must be saved to a folder).

A Description of the resource is optional – the name and description will give end users more information about the resource before they click to open it. Name and description info are superimposed over resource icons on a semi-opaque gray background.

Admins can also add a Thumbnail image to folders or resources. Thumbnails will be displayed when the Resources page is set to Grid View. If no thumbnail image is applied, the resource/folder will be represented by an icon indicating the resource type. Click "New File" to upload a thumbnail image, or "Existing File" to re-use one that's been uploaded previously.

The Display Date and Archive Date controls allow admins to set a date range for the resource. The folder will only be visible during that date range, and will be considered archived at the conclusion of the date range. Prior to the date range, the resource will display the date on which it will be made active (when resources are displayed in the List View).

Use the checkbox to Archive a resource folder. Archived resources are still present and attached to a group, but are not visible to its members. On the Resource page, archived resources are displayed at the bottom of the list, and are grayed out to distinguish them from active resources. Admins can access and edit archived resources at any time. Resources in archived folders can still be shared to other classes.

At the bottom of the New Resources window, use the tabs to select the resource type: either Link, File, or Content.

Link resources are simply hyperlinks to external sites. Enter the URL of the site or other web content into the field provided.

File resources are files that have been uploaded to be shared with group members. Use the radio buttons to either upload a file from your computer, or link to a file that's been uploaded to File Manager previously. The size limit for uploaded Content files will depend on the settings for members of the "Faculty / Staff" role in Constituent Manager. Users will see an error if they try to upload a file that's too large, or has an incompatible file type. (Finalsite recommends that users keep files under 500MB in size for worry-free uploading.)

Content resources are short text/multimedia files that group admins fill out when creating resources. For custom content, enter the text, images, etc. into the text field. Teachers can use the full popup editor when creating content resources, making them effectively mini-webpages within the group space itself.

The multiple file option allows you to add multiple files at one time to the resource folder that is selected. 

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