Logging into mobile pages (Page Manager)

If you are getting inconsistent results with users logging into mobile pages from a smartphone or tablet (i.e., some users are able to login while others can't, or users are able to login at one time but not at another), check the cookie settings of the mobile device in question. Login data for mobile sites is stored on a cookie that is saved on the device itself, so smartphone browsers must have cookies enabled in order to login to any mobile pages.

On an iOS device you can find these settings in Settings > Safari > Privacy (about half way down the page): the "Accept Cookies" option needs to be set to "Accept all." (You can also choose the "From visited" option, but be aware this may still pose issues if the user clears their browser cookies or has never navigated to the site from their mobile browser.)

In other devices, check the properties settings from within the user's browser software. 



 Android (Firefox)


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