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  1. Finding your Support Customer ID
  2. Checking the Status of your Site
  3. More...

Finalsite Dashboard

  1. Google Analytics - a basic explanation
  2. Dashboard Login FAQs
  3. More...

Group Manager

  1. Group visibility and setting Group permissions
  2. Creating groups using Dynamic Filters
  3. More...

Athletics Manager

  1. Accessing Coach Mobile
  2. Allowing Coaches to Post Game Results
  3. More...

Calendar Manager

  1. Creating Block Calendars
  2. Adding a Finalsite calendar/feed to an iOS device
  3. More...

Commerce Manager

  1. Shipping / return / refund policies for merchant account vendors
  2. Commerce order shipping options
  3. More...


  1. Composer video help
  2. The Admin Users page
  3. More...

Constituent Manager

  1. Public Users
  2. Creating a new request in Services Manager
  3. More...


  1. Academic Classes datasheet
  2. Athletic Team Icons
  3. More...


  1. Troubleshoot: Gmail filtering eNotices as spam
  2. Troubleshoot Recipients who are not receiving emails
  3. More...

File Manager

  1. Creating new folders
  2. URLs for uploaded files
  3. More...

Finalsite Learn

  1. Archiving classes
  2. Adding Additional Legends to Email Notifications
  3. More...

LMS Manager

  1. Setting the Calendar Tab
  2. Viewing Reports as Parents and Students
  3. More...

Forms Manager

  1. Adding Fields to your Form
  2. Best Practice: adding credit card fields to forms
  3. More...

Integrated Services Manager

  1. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance with Finalsite
  2. Can I autofill the subject line of a mailto: link?
  3. More...

End Users on your Site

  1. Integrations and Single Sign-ons
  2. Testing the Google SSO
  3. More...

iPhone App

  1. Push messages
  2. Setting up the iPhone app
  3. More...

Multimedia Manager

  1. Editing rights to Multimedia Manager channels
  2. Supported multimedia file formats and types
  3. More...

News Manager

  1. Publishing a news post without an alert
  2. Subscribing to text (SMS) alerts
  3. More...

Page Manager

  1. Creating mobile pages (Page Manager)
  2. Preventing search engines from indexing specific pages (Page Manager)
  3. More...


  1. PagePops not appearing for some users
  2. PagePops in Composer
  3. More...


  1. Organizing content: Folders, Boards and Posts
  2. Adding thumbnails to Boards and Posts
  3. More...

Registration Manager

  1. (VIDEO) Registration Manager
  2. Displaying Registration Manager Events
  3. More...

Site Configuration

  1. Using Crisis Mode
  2. Configuring Domain Names and DNS Records for your Site
  3. More...
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