Mobile Media galleries (Page Manager)

This article refers to our legacy product, Page Manager. For the best Finalsite experience, we recommend using our newest product, Composer. To find out how to upgrade your site, talk to your Client Success Manager or learn more on our website.

Mobile Media pages allow you to present content from Multimedia Manager on your mobile site.

Users will see each Channel and Folder that you have configured within Multimedia Manager as a link button on the mobile site. Links to media channels will show a number indicating how many folders are in that channel. Links to folders will similarly display a number indicating how many individual media objects (images, audio clips or videos) are contained within that folder.

The mobile Media page will display channels and folders in the same order they are configured in Multimedia Manager. By default, ALL channels and folders that are visible on the main site will be displayed on a mobile gallery page; you can override this setting, however, to display any one particular channel, folder or media object.

Use the "Browse" button on the Media page within Page Manager to select which channel or folder you wish to display.

Clicking the grey "Browse" button will allow you to select an individual channel or folder.

Click on the red plus sign to the left of a channel or folder to expand it, and click the "select" link to choose that channel/folder/object to display on the mobile media page. To display all visible channels, click the link at the top of the window.

The mobile media page is designed to display either ALL media channels, or just ONE particular media object. If you want to display a limited subset of media channelsor folders within Multimedia Manager, you must adjust the visibility settings of the channels or folders you wish to hide. This will also impact what's displayed on the full site.

To prevent an item from being displayed, you have to go to Multimedia Manager and set the channel or folder containing the content to not display in the Gallery view. This will keep all contents of that channel or folder from being displayed anywhere on the site. You can adjust these settings by modifying the properties of the specific channel or folder you wish to hide. (If you only want to hide one piece of content but leave other content in the same location displayed, create a new folder specifically for the content you wish to hide, and then edit the properties of that new folder.)

To modify properties for a channel, open the Media tab and click the blue "All Channels" button at the upper-left corner. Hover over the channel you want to hide, and click the yellow pencil icon to edit the channel properties.

You can do the same thing at the folder level instead, if you don't want to hide the entire channel. Open the channel that houses the folder. Hover over the folder you want to hide, and click the yellow pencil icon to edit the folder properties.

In either case, a Properties window will pop up. Within the Properties window, find the "Display in Gallery" dropdown menu, and set it to "No."

Click the "Save" button to save your changes.

Note: Hiding a channel or folder will prevent it from displaying on both the mobile site and the regular website.

Viewing Media Content on Mobile Devices

Videos displayed on mobile devices will be embedded in an HTML5-based player using the H.264 codec. This format is compatible with modern mobile browsers. Browsers which are not able to play the video content within the app itself will display a link to download the file; users will then be able to play the file using the default media software on their mobile device.

Audio content will also play in the browser on iPhones and other Apple iOS devices as well as modern Android devices; some Android devices will instead download the MP3 file for playback on the device.

Slideshows will be displayed in the browser window.

For all Media content, users will be able to swipe left and right on their touchscreen to move back and forth between objects in Playlists and Galleries. Users will also see arrow buttons indicating forward and back navigation on the menu bar at the top of the screen. The grid button in the middle of the menu bar will return the user to the folder containing the media objects they are viewing.

Protected content

Media content that is located in folders that are restricted to specific roles or groups will not be publicly viewable on the mobile site. When members of those roles or groups login to mobile pages, however, they will be able to see restricted content that they have permission to view.

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