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There are two News page formats available to create on your mobile site: a standard News page, and a News Archive page.

The difference between the two types is that the standard News page will display only the most recent News items, those that have been posted within a specified timeframe, or have 'sticky' settings which keep them in an active state, while the News Archive page will capture all of the posts that have been pushed off of the standard News page by newer content. (For more information on current posts, sticky posts, and post priority, see Specifying News post order.) Users who log in to mobile site pages will also be able to view Private News posts that they have permission to see.

Standard News Page

News items will appear in a chronological list format on the News page. Sticky and Highest-priority posts will be listed at the top of the page, with other News items falling into place below based on the date/time they were posted and their own priority settings.

Users can tap on an individual News item to see a detail view, displaying the full text of the News item.

The News item list can display several pieces of information regarding each post, including the Summary, Author, Post Date, a direct link to the News item ("Get Link") and a Thumbnail image, if present. The exact nature of the what's displayed on the News item list can be configure from within Page Manager:

Use the "Show Last:" dropdown menu to limit the number of News items displayed on the list at one time. Any item that is pushed off of the standard News page because of this constraint can be viewed on a News Archive page. You can also restrict which News categories are displayed on the News item list by clicking the "Some Categories" radio button. A list of categories will pop up; click on the checkbox next to a particular category to include it on the News item list. It is possible to create multiple News item list pages, each set to display News items from a different mix of categories.

The "Group Categories By" radio buttons specify how News items are selected to be included on the item list. Choosing "OR" will display any News item that matches at least one of the categories selected. Choosing "AND" will only display News items which match all of the selected categories.

News Archive Page

News Archive pages can be controlled much like the standard News page, with the exception of the "Show Last:" dropdown menu. Because News Archives are meant to display all content that is not current, there is no upper limit to the number of items which can be included. Just as with the standard News page, items will be listed in reverse-chronological order, and individual News posts can be tapped to see a detail view. News Archive pages can also be configured to display all categories, or a subset of the categories defined in News Manager.

The other major difference between the News page formats is that the News Archive page features an "Options" button in the top menu bar. Here, users can find Filters which will allow them to further narrow down the News posts that are displayed on the Archive list page.

Posts can be filtered by Month, Year or Category. Users can apply more than one filter at a time.

Mobile users can also access RSS feeds for each individual News category on the Options page; RSS feeds can be opened by and saved to the default feed reader software on their mobile device.

Protected News Content

News posts that are restricted to specific roles or groups will not be publicly viewable on mobile pages. Members of those roles or groups must login to the mobile site in order to see protected content.

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