Creating mobile pages (Page Manager)

This article refers to our legacy product, Page Manager. For the best Finalsite experience, we recommend using our newest product, Composer. To find out how to upgrade your site, talk to your Client Success Manager or learn more on our website.

Creating mobile pages is as easy as creating pages on the full website. Page Manager is used to create, organize and manage all of your mobile pages.

At the bottom of the page list at the left hand side of Page Manager, you will see the "Mobile" directory. All of your mobile pages are created and saved there. At the top level of the Mobile directory is "Home" - this is the page users will land on when directing their mobile devices to Any page directly below "Home" in the Mobile site hierarchy will appear on the Home page as a navigation button.

Use the standard Page Manager controls to create and edit pages on the mobile site:

Content entered into the Page Content 1 box will always appear above the automatically-generated site navigation buttons. If you choose to enter text in the Page Content 2 box, that content will appear below the site navigation. This behavior is consistent for all mobile page formats.

Although the Web Editor allows you to create highly complex HTML documents, it is recommended that you keep your pages as straightforward as possible in order to ensure compatibility with a wide number of mobile devices. Mobile devices that are not able to render graphical buttons and other navigational elements will display those portions of the page as standard web links.

Available Page Formats

All site pages created in the "Mobile" directory in Page Manager automatically receive the Page Type "Mobile." Mobile pages can be further classified with a number of useful page formats to present various types of information available to the main site.

  • Athletics Event List – Lists upcoming Athletic events as pulled from Athletics Manager. Admins can configure which teams appear, and how far back/ahead in time this page looks for events.
  • Athletics Team Directory – Lists all teams currently configured in Athletics Manager. Teams are sorted first by season and then by the order defined in Athletics Manager > Settings > Sports tab.
  • Calendar Event List – Lists events in Calendar Manager. Admins can specify which calendars appear on this page, and the date range from which events are pulled.
  • Calendar Grid – Displays upcoming Calendar events in a grid format. Admins can configure which calendars’ events are displayed, but cannot specify a date range.
  • Directory – Displays members of selected Constituent Roles.
  • Media – Displays channels defined in Multimedia Manager.
  • News – Displays News Messages. The number of posts and the information shown are configurable in Page Manager. Older posts are automatically available on the archive page until they are scheduled to expire, after which they no longer show up.
  • News Archive – Displays news posts that are no longer displayed on the standard News Page either because: they have expired (but have not been deleted, per News Manager settings), have a lower priority, are no longer “sticky,” or have been pushed off the News Page by newer content. Users have the ability to filter posts by category, keyword, and date.
  • Standard Content – A regular page for posting text, images or other regular content. You should limit the HTML that you use, as different handheld devices may display the content differently. It is recommended that you avoid tables, excessive images, or advanced formatting.


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