Archive classes and groups

Classes can be archived by site administrators one at a time by following the steps below. Classes can only be archived only by site administrators; Faculty cannot archive classes, even those they are teaching.

Archive a class

  1. Access Group Manager under Site Manager.

  2. Under "Academic Classes" in the Group tree, navigate to the class you wish to archive. (Note: you can archive any group space, even those which do not reside under academic classes.)

  3. Click on the "Settings" tab for that class.

  4. Check the "Archive this class" checkbox.

  5. Click the "Update Settings" button.

Note: The right side screen will refresh with the newly archived class removed, but the group tree on the left will not automatically update. You can see a list of all archived classes by using the radio buttons at the upper left of Group Manager.

Restore a class from the Archive

  1. Select the "Archived groups" option from the Search Filters in the top-left corner of Group Manager.

  2. Select the class you want to restore.

  3. Uncheck the Archive checkbox for that class in the "Settings" tab.

  4. Click the "Update Settings" button.

Note: If you have unarchived a class which is a sub-group to an archived top level group, you will need to first unarchive the top level group to see the sub-group in groups manager.

Bulk Archive Classes:

If you have several classes that you need to have archived, please submit a ticket of the "Request a Service" type to Finalsite Support with a list of the classes you would like to archive. We would be happy to archive them for you. You will need to create a spreadsheet that includes:

  • The ClassID
  • CourseName
  • School year
  • FacultyID value(s)
  • Additional information from the group's entry in Group Manager would help us out, particularly if you have a large number of similar groups

You can use the Academic Classes Datasheet as an example.

For more information about archiving classes, see the End of Year service article.

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