Exporting data

This article describes how you can generate a file of data exported from FinalsiteApply, suitable for upload into another database. You can also save an export as a "template" for future re-use.

Go to Settings > Import & Export

You can use the Export tool (Settings > Import and Export > Export tab) to generate a .CSV file that can be imported to your Student Information System of record.

Once you set the parameters for the .CSV file you wish to generate, you can save those parameters as a template and re-use it whenever you need to generate a new dataset for export.


Choose which pieces of data about each inquiry/applicant you wish to export from FinalsiteApply

You'll want to identify in advance which data fields you wish to upload from FSApply to your SIS. The data fields that you can upload correspond to the information you collect on each of your FinalsiteApply forms.

Select a form to export data from

You can export the results of any of your existing forms. 



Select profile parameters

After you select the form you want to use to generate records, select:

  1. the Status options you wish to include in the report
  2. which Programs you want to include in the report
  3. whether or not you want to include 'Archived' student records

If you want to save whichever parameters you choose here as a new template that you can use again in the future, give the new template a name in the "Export Template" field.


Select the form fields you want to include in the export

On the left column, you can choose which of your various checklist forms you want to use as the 'source' for your export data. Drag-and-drop the ones you want from the left column over to the "Export Fields" column on the right. You can pull data from more than one form in a single export; just select which form you want to use from the left-hand column.

You can also pull over groups of fields and then eliminate the fields you do not wish to include by clicking the red circle icon on the right hand side for those fields.


Select the export file format

When you're ready to generate your export file, click the "Format" dropdown menu at the lower-right, and select "CSV". 

Download and save the export file, and/or save the export parameters as a template

At this point, you can click the blue button in the lower-left to save your selections as a new template, and/or click the "Export" button to generate a .CSV file that you can export. 

Scheduling a template export

Any of the reports you create can be scheduled to be emailed as an export once per day.


Set Export Schedule

Activate email notifications for each template using the checkboxes at the left. Use the dropdown menu to set a time, then select which day of the week to run the export. Exports will be emailed to notification recipients as a file attachment.

Setting Notification Recipients

Go to the Settings screen and select "Staff Directory."

Select a tab for each role. Identify each user who should receive export emails, then verify that they have the "Import/Export" checkbox selected in their profile.

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