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This article refers to our legacy product, eNotify, which will no longer be available and support for the product will be discontinued, effective August 1, 2023. For the best Finalsite experience, we recommend using our Finalsite Messages, which provides enhanced security and reliability for your school's email communication needs. Visit our client portal for additional information and next steps.

The Sender Address Manager allows eNotify admins to create custom "From" addresses to use when creating new messages. A user composing an eNotice can choose from a list of addresses stored in the Sender Address Manager. When that message is received, it will appear to have come from the address selected.

To create a new sender address, go to the "eNotices" tab and click the "Sender Address Manager" button. In the Sender Address Manager panel, enter the address you wish to add in the "New Sender Address" field.


This address does not have to correspond to actual email addresses used by school staff. It can be used to represent an office or group, such as "" or ""

When you create a new eNotice, select the address you want to use from the dropdown menu. Users will have the option of sending a message from their personal email address, or they can select any address from the Sender Address Manager that they have permission to use.

When choosing an address, users can also enter a custom "From" label. This is the name that appears alongside the "From" address for a message in an email browser. If no custom "From" label is entered, the "From" address will be re-used as the label.

Sender address permissions

Each "From" address can have its own list of authorized users, which is especially useful if you want to send messages from school administrators but do not want to allow every member of your organization to send emails as those users.

To change the permissions on a "From" address, click on the address in the Sender Address Manager panel. Access can be granted or restricted on the group or individual user levels. A user who is not permitted to use an address will not see that address in the dropdown menu when they are composing a new message.

Note: All sender addresses must come from your domain, or another approved domain that is associated with your site. The "Allowed Domains" section shows which site domains have been authorized as eNotify senders. This will typically include your school’s domain and may also include any associated domains your school owns. You may add further domains by opening a ticket with Finalsite Support.

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