Use custom fonts in eNotices

This article refers to our legacy product, eNotify. For the best Finalsite experience, we recommend using our newest product, Messages. To learn more, read the Self-Enabling Messages Guide or contact the Support team for assistance.

eNotify includes the ability to include custom fonts in emails built with the new Template tool. This way, schools can allow their email writers to use only those fonts that fit in with the website’s overall design.

Site administrators with "eNotify (Admin)" rights can go to eNotify > Templates > General Settings and use the checkboxes to select which fonts will be available in the Template editor.


When drafting a message in the Template editor, users will see a live preview of the font’s appearance in the font dropdown menu.

The custom font selections are powered by Google Fonts. On website pages, font support is most commonly provided by a tool called "TypeKit." Because TypeKit is powered by Javascript, it’s not compatible with email clients. Google Fonts can be used with email clients, however, and it includes a wide selection of common (and uncommon!) fonts.

Note: The Settings tab includes a number of common custom fonts by default. If you want to use a font from Google Fonts that is not included in the default selections, please reach out in a ticket to Support. We’ll follow up with you to get your choices into the Settings tab so that they can be enabled for all email writers.

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