Audit Log

The audit log provides more information about admin and parent actions that change the basis of the student profile.


To see audit information about the admins using your Apply site, go to Settings > Audit Log.





From here, you can see the log of data based on the general actions of the admins. You'll see whether the change made was for a parent account or a student account, which admin made the change, and which student account the change is associated with. There are general details associated with the change, such as status change, email change, bulk message records, account creation, etc.




While the main audit log gives all of the admin data, there is an audit log for each student that tracks both admin changes and parent changes. To access these, navigate to the student account in question and click on the Audit Log option on the far right of the student profile.


From here, you can see the data specific to that particular student. The Activity Log will still be the main source of information about parent action, but the audit log will also give information about changes to the student/parent account.


The ability to see the audit log can be adjusted within the Staff Directory. The audit log can be turned off for whole departments by editing the department settings, or for individuals by adjusting a user's personal settings.

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