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On the Status tab, you can customize each of the admissions status levels which can be applied to applicants. Checks indicate that the Applicant and/or Family will receive an email notification when their applicant status has been changed. Flags indicate that they will not be notified.


By clicking on the status name, you can edit the status name and schedule a publish date for notifying families about status changes. In this section, you can also enable and customize the automated e-mail messages that will be sent to Applicants & Families when a student has been changed to that status. Use the Legend of Values to customize the automated email, and preview the email by scrolling to the bottom of the page and selecting "Preview Email."


Status: Notification Emails

On the Status tab, you can also customize the automated emails sent to parents based on various account activity. Use the text field and the available data values to create an email; when the email is sent, the data labels will be replaced by the actual data value referenced by the label.

  • Applicant & Family Welcome: Parent welcome emails are sent when families first register their accounts on FinalsiteApply. They provide a password confirmation and a link to the applicant checklist.
  • Tour/Interview/Open Day Confirmation: Details about their scheduled appointment are confirmed via email.
  • Checklist Reminder: Includes a list of all checklist items still not completed.
  • Questionnaire/Recommendations: An email sent to the recipient of the recommendation form, providing a link to complete the form.
  • Re-enrollment Notification: Invites currently enrolled students to confirm re-enrollment for the next academic year.
  • Payment Notification: Email receipt for payments provided by parents.
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