Downloading a list of Open Day Participants

You can download a .CSV file from Finalsite Apply that contains the names of all students who attend a particular Open Day event. Watch this short video demonstrating where you can find this feature in Apply

  1. Click the "Settings" gear icon in the upper-right of the Dashboard 

  2. Select "Admissions"

  3. Select the "Open Days" tab 

  4. Find the Open House event that you're interested in, and click the 'document' icon to the right - this will download a .CSV file to your computer that contains a list of the students who signed up for that Open House event

As of now, the output file will show students' first name / nickname / last name in a single column. In the future we may expand that to include more info (such as email address, parent info, etc.), but we released this feature in a more basic form in order to give you something that you can work with right now. 

To break that single 'Name' column up into multiple columns, you can use the "Text to Columns" tool in Excel.

  1. Open the .CSV file you downloaded in Excel - note that your version of Excel may look different than the one shown here, but the functions should be identical

  2. Select the data that you want to break up into individual columns, click on the "Data" tab, then select the "Text to Columns" tool 

  3. Choose the "Delimited" option, then click the "Next" button 

  4. Under "Delimiters" at the upper left, make sure that the "Space" checkbox is selected, then click "Finish"  

  5. Your single column will now be split into multiple columns wherever there was a 'space' in the original text

    Note that if an applicant doesn't have a nickname, their last name will be shifted to the middle column, as is the case with "Daisey Fahringer" in this example.
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