Customizing Decision Notification Schedules

You can configure when decision and status-update notifications are sent to applicants. For instance, if you have a decision date and you want to ensure that all Accepted students are notified of their decision simultaneously, you can set that date. Any student with the "Accepted" status on the designated date will receive a status update notification.

Alternatively, you can send notifications individually for each applicant. In that case, you can either send a notification update as soon as a student's status changes, or you can schedule that notification to go out at a future date.

Scheduled Decision Date

To set a single notification date, click "Settings,"


Then click "Admissions,"


and select "Status and Notifications."


Choose the status for which you would like to set the schedule publish date by clicking the pencil icon to the left of the status. 

Select the "Schedule Publish Date" checkbox, then use the calendar picker to set a date.

Applicants will receive a status update at 7:00 am in your local timezone on the date you select. Before 7:00 am, the applicants' status will remain unchanged - they will not be able to login to their account and see their decision until 7:00 am on the date you choose. At 7:00, notification emails will be sent and applicant accounts will be updated, meaning that both applicants and their parents will be able to see the updated decision at that time.

Any decisions made after the notification date will use the Individual Decision Date method, detailed below.

Individual Decision Dates

If you want to notify applicants individually, you can set the notification date at the moment you edit each applicant's status. First off, do not set a scheduled notification date as shown above. Leave the "Schedule Publish Date" checkbox unchecked.

When you select the "Accepted" status for an applicant, you'll see two options. You can either select "Send Notification Now," in which case the notification will be sent to the applicant immediately, or you can choose "Schedule for Later" and select a date from the calendar picker. Again, the notification will be sent at 7:00 am in your own timezone, and prior to 7:00 am on the selected date, applicants and parents will NOT be able to see the decision when logged into their accounts.

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