Creating and Editing Tags

Tag Rules can automatically add custom tags to new applicant profiles based on info the applicants provide.

Tagging Students

Tags are a way of adding context to individual applicants' profiles. Tags can be used to designate athletes or musicians, identify students by grade level, or identify members of any other demographic cohort. While it's always possible to manually add a tag to an applicant profile (and admission staff may do this as they learn more about an applicant during the admission process), Finalsite Apply can also automatically add tags to profiles based on information submitted by the student on admission forms.


Go to Settings > Forms and click "Tags"


In order to automatically tag profiles, you must first setup a "Tag Rule." Tag Rules describe how applicants' form responses generate specific tags.

Start by going to Settings > Forms.


Select a Form

Tag data must come from an information source; specifically, from information that applicants add to a form. Start by selecting one of your active forms from the dropdown menu. (Make sure the form contains the information you want to use as the source for your tag!)


Select a Field

Next, choose a specific field on the form to use as the basis for your automatic tags. For instance, if you want to identify students who reside in a foreign country, you would use the "Residency Status" field as the basis for that tag.


Create tags corresponding to field responses

After selecting a form field, all of the possible responses to that field are shown below.

In this example, we're configuring the system to automatically tag applicants who need an official document to certify their residency status. To do so, find the "Other" response (since applicants who fall into the "Citizen," "Permanent Resident" or "Resident Alien" categories do NOT need a document). To the right, add the text of the tag in the "Tag" column, then select a color for that tag.

In practice, this will mean that any student who selects "Other" as a response to this field will automatically have an "I-20" tag added to their profile.

Click the green "Add Tag Rule" button when finished.


Retroactively tagging profiles


After you've established a tag rule, it will be applied to any subsequent NEW applicants. You can also apply that tag rule retroactively to your existing applicants by clicking the "Regenerate tags" button.

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