Customizing Automated Email Messages

FinalsiteApply automatically sends email confirmations to applicants and their families whenever they take an action on your site that changes their status (such as moving from "Inquired" to "Applied"). All of these automated communications can be managed in one central location.

Go to Settings 

Click the "Settings" gear icon


Select "Admissions"

From the Settings menu, click on "Admissions"


Click on the "Status" tab, and scroll down

Scroll down to the bottom of the Status tab to find all of the automated emails that your FSApply site is configured to sent. Each automated message corresponds to an action that applicants/their families can take on the site. Click on an email to edit it.


Edit text content and profile data placeholders

At the left, you'll see text areas for both the Subject and Body of your email. Each one has a corresponding "Insert Legend" dropdown menu. You can use these menus to personalize your email messages. When you add a value (or 'placeholder') to the subject or the body of an email, FSApply will automatically replace that value with the actual data it represents from the recipient's profile. For instance, an email sent to an applicant's family that begins with "Dear {{parent_first_name}}" will actually reference that parent by name when it's sent.

You can also add a placeholder to the subject or body of your email by clicking on it in the right-hand column.

When you've finished writing or editing an email, click the blue "Save Changes" button at the lower right.

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