Viewing a Student Profile

Find a specific student using the Search bar

From anywhere in Finalsite Apply, you can enter an applicant's name in the search bar to find their profile.


If you don't know the student's name, from the Dashboard, click on "Students"

If you don't know a specific applicant's name but you know something about them, or if you want to find a group of applicants who all meet a specific criteria, use the Student Profile Filters.


Adjust the filter settings

Use the controls to select which subsets of the overall applicant pool you wish to view. If you want to view only Lower School applicants, select the "Lower School" checkbox.

You can filter by status, by which steps of the Checklist applicants have completed, by custom tags, and other data tracked in applicants' profiles.

Click the blue "Filter Results" button at the lower-right when you've configured the settings.


Click on an applicant's name to view their profile

Click on an applicant's name to view their profile

The system will display all of the applicants who meet the criteria you established.

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