Configuring school academic information

The Academic Information page is where you can define the start and end dates for your upcoming academic years. You can also configure the date format used in data exports.

Click Settings > Schools Settings > Academic Information


Each School Year includes a label, an enrollment year, and the dates it will start and end.

Click the "Add Year" button to add new entries to the list.

Use the "Start Date" dropdown menus to select a start month and start date. It is best to pick the school's fiscal year start date since this date will not be able to change from year to year. 

The "Daily Digest" dropdown menu selects the send time for the Daily Digest update email that can be sent out to staff members.

"Export Date Format" sets how dates will be styled when exported from Finalsite Apply ("MM/DD/YY," "MM/DD/YYYY," "DD-MM-YYYY," etc.)

The "Student Status Notification" sets the time that any automated status update emails are sent to students.

Click "Save Changes" when finished making any edits.

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