Creating New Forms

Navigate to Settings and select Forms. Here you'll have the ability to create new forms and edit existing forms.


To create a new form, select "Create new form."


This will take you to the Forms Editor, and you'll have several different from which to choose.


First, name your form; be aware that this will be the name that families see when filling out the form. If you choose to include a tag, any student who submits that form will be tagged with the word or phrase included.


Forms can have one of two deadline types:

  • Fixed deadline: after the chosen date, the form will no longer be accessible by families
  • Rolling deadline: the form is always available to families.


There are several different form types:

  • Application: The main application form. You can create as many different applications as you choose.
  • Supplementary: Forms collecting additional information, i.e. essay questions, health forms.
  • Questionnaire: Recommendation or request forms that families can send via email to the person of their choosing, or save as a PDF to share. No payments can be enabled on a questionnaire form.
  • Inquiry: Typically the first source of information from families. Only one inquiry form is allowed, so will be automatically included in your forms list. Inquiry forms are limited to one page only and are usually short. No payments can be enabled on the inquiry form.
  • Tour: For families that sign up for a tour or open house before creating a parent account, this form will collect the necessary information to establish an account. Only one tour form is allowed, so will be automatically included in your forms list. If this form is disabled, tour signups are asked for basic information by default.
  • Enrollment/Re-enrollment: Used to collect information from families when confirming their enrollment or re-enrollment. Only one enrollment form is allowed, so will be automatically included in your forms list.


When creating a new form, you will see only the Application, Supplementary, and Questionnaire forms as options. This is because the Inquiry, Tour, and Enrollment types can only have one form each. To edit these, return to your forms list and select the appropriate form. Once a form type is selected and the form is saved for the first time, the form type cannot be changed.


If you have multiple campuses, be sure to enable only the correct campuses for each form. If you have only one campus, you must enable the lone campus. Similarly, schools with multiple programs will need to select the appropriate programs for each form. At least one program will need to be selected.


For forms to appear as an option to parents on the dashboard, or for admins when settings up checklist items, etc., you must select the Enable checkbox. If you are working on  a new form and do not want it accessible yet, keep the Enabled box unchecked. Forms can also be Enabled/Disabled on the main forms list by checking or unchecking the Enabled box.


You also have the option to render the form in two columns. We strongly recommend choosing this option as it greatly decreases the length of the form for families. If you are unsure of which option to choose, you can easily see the layout using the Preview button in the Form Editor.


If you choose to include a description for the form, this will appear directly below the application form name and will be visible on every page of the form.


Finally, all forms (except the inquiry and questionnaire forms) allow the option to enable payment. Only one payment amount is permitted per form; if there are different payment amounts for different types of applicants, you will need to create separate forms. When Enable Payment > Yes is selected, a Fee box will appear for you to enter the amount you'd like to charge for that form.


An Enrollment Fee can be associate with any Application form. For students who have submitted that application and were subsequently marked as admitted, the Enrollment Fee indicated will be part of the confirmation of enrollment process. Similarly, the Re-Enrollment form can have an associated Re-Enrollment Fee.


If you select No for the Confirm without Payment option, families will not be able to submit the form without completing payment first. This should only be set to No if online payments are set up, so that families are able to pay by credit card to complete the payment.


If the new form that you are creating is similar to an existing form, you can also choose to clone a form from your forms list. To do so, hover your mouse over any part of the row with the appropriate form; when you do so, you will see a small icon on the far right. Click on the icon of two pieces of paper to create a cloned version of the form.

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