School Information

To configure general information about your school, click the "Settings" button, then go to "School Settings:"

Under Settings > School Settings, you can upload and configure your:

  • General information (e.g. school name, address, enrollment years)
  • Contact Information
  • School logo
  • High resolution logo
  • "Complete" vs. "Lite" Apply Layout for public site pages
  • Applicant profile "overviews" (enable/disable)
  • Order of public pages
  • Validation of exam scores
  • Captcha
  • PDF Export


This is general information about the school and where it's located.

School Contact Information

The Contact Information tells prospective students and parents who they can reach out to at the school to get information that isn't available on the website.

Logo & High Resolution Logo

Use these buttons to upload the appropriate logo files.

The standard logo will appear on the Admission and Application Form pages. Files must be in GIF, PNG, or JPG formats, and should not be more than 200px wide.

The high-resolution logo appears on the invoice PDF. It too must be in GIF, PNG or JPG formats, but it can be up to 1100px wide.

Page Layout

Selecting "Complete" under Page Layout will include informational pages and a landing page with your school photos. You can also change the order of pages listed in the right menu by dragging the pages. Selecting "Lite" will focus the site solely on the admission process, letting you link back to your main site for additional content.

Applicant Profile

Select "Enable Overview" to add a tab to the Applicant Profile screen that summarizes the student's information. Above is an example of the Applicant Profile Overview.

Page Order

Click-and-drag the handles to the right of each page to set the order that these pages are listed on the public website pages viewed by applicants and parents. 


A Captcha is an image-recognition procedure that's used to make sure that actual humans (rather than automated web bots) are filling out your publicly-visible forms. Select the checkbox to add a captcha to your application submissions. 

PDF Export

Choose how exported PDFs of forms will be formatted. The Online Application only shows the values that have been selected for each field. The Paper Application includes all fields and values within each field, ideal for printing and completing the form by hand.
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