Department settings and creating new departments

Follow these steps to adjust the settings for existing school departments, or add a new school department to your Apply site.

First, click the "Settings" button at the upper right.

Click "Staff Directory":

Next, click "Manage Departments":

Select the Department you would like to edit, or click "New Department" at the upper right to...well, add a new Department.

Use the checkboxes to determine which site features and locations members of the selected department can access within Finalsite Apply. 

Several default departments are pre-configured for schools to use as applicable, but they can also be edited and customized if needed.

The existing Department settings are as follows:

  • Admissions: Has complete access everything.
  • Technology: Has access to a limited number of settings, specifically the Import/Export, Integration, Forms, Pages, Users, and General options.
  • Finance: Has access to applicant profiles and payment information.
  • Academics: Has access to applicant information, the ability to post notes and files, and analytics.
  • Read-only: Has read-only access to applicant information (cannot make edits). 


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