(VIDEO) Registration Manager

 Registration Manager - Dashboard Overview Updated 03/17/14

Topics covered include:

  • Organizing past, current and future events
  • Creating new events

 Registration Manager - Program Settings screen Updated 03/18/14

Topics covered include:

  • Entering program details
  • Using the Preview and Help controls

 Registration Manager - Attendees screen Updated 03/19/14

Topics covered include:

  • Creating different price points for different attendees
  • Setting early registration discounts, late registration fees, and volume price breaks

 Registration Manager - Sessions screen Updated 04/29/14

Topics covered include:

  • When Sessions are used
  • Creating new sessions
  • Session schedules
  • Optional session fees for various attendee types

 Registration Manager - Sessions Screen Pt. 2 - Display Groups Updated 04/30/14

Topics covered include:

  • What are Display Groups?
  • Creating Display Groups and editing options
  • Customizing the display of session options
  • Re-sorting Display Groups

 Registration Manager - Editing Registered Sessions Updated 3/10/15

Topics Covered include:

  • Finding Registered Sessions
  • Editing Attendee information (name and email)
  • Adding and removing sessions

 Registration Manager - Forms screen Updated 04/30/14

Topics covered include:

  • What are forms used for?
  • What types of forms can I make, and how many?
  • Building forms and customizing form elements
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