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This article refers to our legacy product, Registration Manager, which will no longer be available and support for the product will be discontinued, effective August 1, 2023. For the best Finalsite experience, we recommend using our Finalsite Forms Plus add-on, which provides a more robust and modern solution for online registration needs. Visit our client portal for additional information and next steps.

 Registration Manager - Dashboard Overview Updated 03/17/14

Topics covered include:

  • Organizing past, current and future events
  • Creating new events

 Registration Manager - Program Settings screen Updated 03/18/14

Topics covered include:

  • Entering program details
  • Using the Preview and Help controls

 Registration Manager - Attendees screen Updated 03/19/14

Topics covered include:

  • Creating different price points for different attendees
  • Setting early registration discounts, late registration fees, and volume price breaks

 Registration Manager - Sessions screen Updated 04/29/14

Topics covered include:

  • When Sessions are used
  • Creating new sessions
  • Session schedules
  • Optional session fees for various attendee types

 Registration Manager - Sessions Screen Pt. 2 - Display Groups Updated 04/30/14

Topics covered include:

  • What are Display Groups?
  • Creating Display Groups and editing options
  • Customizing the display of session options
  • Re-sorting Display Groups

 Registration Manager - Editing Registered Sessions Updated 3/10/15

Topics Covered include:

  • Finding Registered Sessions
  • Editing Attendee information (name and email)
  • Adding and removing sessions

 Registration Manager - Forms screen Updated 04/30/14

Topics covered include:

  • What are forms used for?
  • What types of forms can I make, and how many?
  • Building forms and customizing form elements
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