Dashboard peer group FAQs

How are Peer Groups determined?

Peer Groups are determined first by school type (private day, private boarding, international, or public district) and then by general grade range. Finally, schools are grouped by enrollment.

Where can I find out information about my Peer Group?

You can find a description of your peer group and its size in the “Peer Group Information” widget on the “Resources” Tab of your Dashboard. Please note that we never disclose names of the members of a Peer Group.

What are the "25%ile" numbers in my Peer Group Comparison Widget?

Being in the 25th percentile for a particular metric means that you are doing better than 25% of your peer group. An average performer is typically in the 50th percentile. Because we round these numbers, you will occasionally see a “100%ile” even though this is technically not possible.

What are the green/red exclamation mark icons on the “Peer Group Comparison” widgets on the “Visits and Engagement” tab?

For your convenience, we color code percentile values depending on their relation to the Peer Group average. Green is for 50th percentile and above, yellow is for 25th to 50th percentile, and red is for below 25th percentile. Additionally, the green and red exclamation marks indicate values in the top and bottom quarters, respectively.

Who else is in my Peer Group?

We cannot disclose who else is in your Peer Group as we do not share any information about our clients.

Can I select the schools in my Peer Group?

No, you cannot select the schools in your Peer Group. Schools are automatically placed into Peer Groups based on their school type, grade range, and enrollment size.

Can I be in multiple Peer Groups?

No, you can only be in one Peer Group based on the criteria found on the Resources tab of your Dashboard.

What if our school enrollment changes to no longer fit into our assigned Peer Group?

If you school changes in a way that no longer matches the definition of your Peer Group found on the Resources tab of your Dashboard, please contact us at dashboard.finalsite.com and we will be happy to place you in the appropriate Peer Group.

How are the percentiles determined?

The percentiles are determined by assuming the normal distributions and then using the mean and standard deviation.

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