Metrics and peer groups explained

Metrics are the yardstick by which the success of your website is measured. All of the various aspects that go into your site - the design, the layout, the images, the content and so on - affect how visitors feel about your site, engage with your site, how frequently they return, and so on. The metrics tracked by the Dashboard are standard tools used to quantify user behavior on your site. They are how you can tell what users are visiting your site to do, how they do it, how long it takes and how often they visit.

Metrics answer useful questions such as "How often do parents login to their portal?" or "Does my Admission section lead prospective students to apply?" But those answers cannot be considered in a vacuum. You might look at your Parent Portal login numbers and wonder if they shouldn't be higher...but how would you know what they "should" be? Enter peer groups.

The Finalsite Dashboard automatically compares your site's statistics and analytic metrics with those of other schools that are similar to yours in terms of enrollment, grades offered, residency type (boarding vs. day), and so on. While specific data about a site is visible only to that school, anonymized, aggregate data such as visit frequency, visit duration, bounce rates and so on can be extracted and tallied to generate average values for all similar schools. The Dashboard does this and displays your school's own metrics relative to those averages. This way, you can examine an apples-to-apples explanation of your school's performance as compared to that of other schools like yours.

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