Tours Tab


Under the Tours tab, you can enable tour dates & times, which will allow Applicants & Families to schedule tours directly online. Scheduling a Tour can be required as part of an application checklist. If your schools doesn't offer tours, the large toggle slider at the top of the screen will disable them.

First, use the tabs to select a program ("Primary," "Middle" and "Secondary" in the example image above).

Use the checkboxes to select which days you'll offer tours, and set the hours using the dropdown menus. On the right, the "Hosts" column determines which staff members are available to give tours on each given day. Tour duration and capacity can also be set; once the tour has filled capacity, that particular date and time will no longer show as available to families.

Further down the same page, you can select holidays when tours are not available. If your school has multiple campuses, use the checkboxes to determine which campuses offer tours.

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