Open Days Tab

 First, go to settings:  
Go to the Settings menu, and select "Admissions"


Open Days

Open House events can be added to the calendar on the "Open Days" tab. Click the "Add Day" button to display the applicable fields (as illustrated above). Each Open House day can have a date, start/end time, title, and description. Use the checkboxes to specify which campus(es) the Open Day applies to.

The Capacity refers to the maximum number of attendees for the Open Day event. You can change the Capacity question depending on how you would like to count your attendees, i.e. number of parents, children, or both. After you input a number in the Capacity field, you can set the Limit Per Registration as well, to limit the number of people a single family can register.
If you want parents to have registration access at a future date, untick the Is Published? checkbox and only Publish when ready. Alternatively, you can also unpublish an Open Day after families have already registered, in the event that you do not want other families to see the Open Day.
Administrators can use the Register for Open Day Quick Start button on the Dashboard to sign up a family for an Open Day.


In the popup window, the admin will need to select the appropriate student, the Open Day event, campus (if applicable), and number of attendees for the family. Admins can opt to override the capacity settings or include the registration as part of the total capacity.


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