Checklist Tab


First, go to settings: 

Click on the "Settings" icon in the top right corner.


Go to the Settings menu, and select "Admissions"



Applicant checklists allow you to customize your application process. These checklists are visible to Applicants and their families based on their status level, and are organized by program (e.g. "Primary," "Middle" and "Secondary" in the screenshot above).

When creating an applicant checklist, you can define tasks around different requirement types:

  • To Dos: Allow you to easily specify tasks like "Taking the SSATs." These do not automatically get checked off based on parent activity; admin will need to check off this item.
  • Document Submission: Allow you to collect documents like School Reports or Transcripts, which parents can upload.
  • Forms: Allow parents to complete one of your forms (application, supplementary, etc.).
  • Tours: Allow parents and students to schedule a tour. You can only create one Tour checklist item per program,
  • Open Days: Allow parents and students to RSVP an Open House day. You can only create one Open Day checklist item per program,
  • Interviews: Provides information for family to schedule an interview. Checklist item will be checked off once admin confirms interview completion.

You can add one or more relevant "Status" entries to each checklist item, causing checklist items to appear only once the student reaches the required status level.

If your school runs multiple programs, you can copy checklist items over from a different program.

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