Admitting and Enrolling an Applicant

Via the Applicant Profile

Only certain Administrators have the ability to admit and enroll students. This permission level can be assigned via the Settings > Users tab.

If your admissions deadlines are rolling, admitting a student will automatically send an email to the applicant family informing them of your decision. If your admissions deadlines are fixed, you'll instead be able send admissions notifications in bulk after your deadline date has passed. You can edit the automated email via Settings > Admissions > Status.

Modifying an applicant's enrollment status

From there, a pop up will appear where you can select the status and also select when to send the email associated with that status. 

Editing the acceptance email


Go to Settings > Admission > Status & Notifications and select the edit pencil next to "Accepted"

From here you will see the available options and legend to send the email:


When composing the email, click on the name of a Placeholder Value to add it to your email template. Each time the template is used to generate a welcome email to parents of newly-accepted students, the system will replace the placeholder with the corresponding information from the parents' profiles.

Below the "Applicant Message" you will see the "Family Message" section, the family message is more commonly used. The applicant message will only send if you have collected the student email somewhere in the inquiry or application forms. 

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