Dashboard Tabs and Widgets FAQ

How do I share/download Tabs and Widgets?

Click on the gear icon on a Tab label or a Widget header, then select from the menu whether you want to download or share and follow the prompts to select your options.

How do I go into Full Screen Mode?

To access full screen mode, click on the square icon next to your user name at the top right corner of the page.

Why do my Widgets occasionally flash?

Your Widgets will flash every time they have been updated.

Where do you get the data?

The data is gathered from Google Analytics.

How often is data updated?

The data gets refreshed by Google Analytics every 24 hours and will refresh on your Dashboard every time you login.

Can anyone else see my data?

No, we do not share any client's data with any other client.

Can I add more Widgets and or Tabs?

As a Basic User you cannot add any custom widgets. However, if you upgrade to the Aggressive User, you get to choose 10 additional widgets to track what you would like to.

Can I change the Search and Social Rainbow graph keywords?

No, you cannot change these settings as they are preset for all Basic Users.

What do I do if my data isn't updating?

Allow the widget a few minutes to update as time to update will vary based on Dashboard traffic. If your data still will not update please contact us at dashboard@finalsite.com

Can I change the colors on my widgets?

No, you cannot change the preset colors as they are preset for all Basic Users.

Can I change the data range on my Widgets?

No, you cannot change the date range for the Widgets as it is preset for all Basic User Widgets. If you would like to see the data for a different date range, this information is available to you through Google Analytics.

Why can't I see the Dashboard on my site Admin Panel?

The Finalsite Dashboard was build on a separate platform from the CMS so that you can give the login information to multiple faculty and administrators at your school without having to worry about accidental changes to your website.

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