Track internal site search results in Google Analytics

When you view queries in Google Analytics, you want to ensure that  they’re listed together as a separate report on your site’s Search Results page.

Note: Clients who deployed with Google-powered site search and were later converted to the Finalsite search tool can make this change to their Google Analytics settings to display users’ site search terms. This will display any user searches going forward, but will not retroactively display past searches.

  1. Log in to Google Analytics.

  2. Click the “Admin” icon to bring up the Administration controls.

    Google Analytics admin icon

  3. Click the “View Settings” link under the “View” column.

    Google Analytics View Settings link

  4. Change the “Site Search Tracking” toggle to "ON".

    Google Analytics Site Search toggle

  5. Enter “q” into the “Query Parameter” field.

    Google Analytics Query Parameter field with q

    Note: Sites that were previously on Page Manager may already see “keywords” in this field. If this is the case, simply add a comma and then add “q” after it.


  6. Save your settings.

  7. If you have multiple views configured, repeat this process for each of them.

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