Tracking Internal Site Search Results in Google Analytics (new search)

Clients who deployed with Google-powered site search and were later converted to the Finalsite search tool can make a change to their Google Analytics settings to display user’s site search terms in Google Analytics.

(Note that this procedure has been part of Finalsite’s deployment process for some time, so this will not apply to all clients. Also, this will display any user searches going forward, but will not retroactively display past searches.)


  1. Login to Google Analytics.
  2. Click “Admin” to bring up the Administration controls.


  3. Click on the “View Settings” panel. (If you have multiple views configured, you’ll have to repeat this process for each of them. Otherwise, just update the “Master View” settings.


  4.   Turn Site Search Tracking to "ON" Screen_Shot_2017-09-26_at_07.02.14.png

  5. Enter a “q” into the Query Parameter Field. 
  6. Scroll down and Save your settings.

This will ensure that when you view queries in Google Analytics, they’re listed together as a separate report on your site’s Search Results page.

If you would like to refer to Google's Documentation about this topic please see: Set up Site Search from Google

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