Quick tip: Paste into eNotify from Word

eNotify intentionally strips any code, including formatting, that's included on text when it's pasted, because most of it is just taking up valuable space in your eNotice. Most email providers will truncate an email after a certain number of characters, whether they're visible characters or not, so it's important to keep eNotices as sleek as possible. 

Unlike an email program, a word-processing program such as Word isn't concerned with how many characters its code uses, and all of that bulky code comes over when you paste something into another program with formatting. Even simple tags such as boldface are often longer coming from Word than they are using the eNotify editor. As a precaution against emails being cut off in people's inboxes, we have you do all the formatting within eNotify, where the code is cleaner and more of your allotted characters can be used for content. 

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