Create a dropbox assignment

You can create a dropbox assignment in two different ways.

  1. Via a Calendar Event: When creating a calendar event, at the bottom of the screen you will see a checkbox to "Create a dropbox for this assignment." 

  2. Via the Dropbox Tab: From the group space, when clicking the "Dropbox" tab you will see a green "Add Dropbox" button in the upper right-hand corner. 


Ultimately, either way is fine; however, this tutorial will go through the process of using the "Add Dropbox" button inside the "Dropbox" tab. 

After clicking the "Add Dropbox" button, you will be presented with a screen that is very similar to the Add Calendar Event screen. The top part includes the title of the dropbox assignment, event types, dates assigned and due. There are few additional options to consider as well. 

  1. The ability to add a gradebook assignment in association with this dropbox. (This will only appear if the gradebook is enabled for your school.) This option allows for grade entry when opening the student's assignment in dropbox. 

  2. You can add this dropbox assignment at the same time to multiple classes. To view the gradebook assignment in the other classes you will want to navigate to the other class and visit the "Dropbox" tab. 

  3. There are two dropbox options. The first allows for students to submit their assignments to the dropbox after the date and time that they are due. The assignments will be marked as "LATE" upon submission. There is also an option to receive a submission email alert when an assignment has been submitted. This will send an email to the teacher each time the students submit their work. This may be most useful to turn on after the due date has passed and you are expecting a student's work after the time that you have graded or looked at the other assignments. 

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