Grade and track dropbox assignments

Whether or not your school has enabled the gradebook for Finalsite Learn at your school, you can still use your dropbox assignments to keep track of submissions and even annotate those submissions and return them to students. 

Once you have created a dropbox assignment (see this article about creating a dropbox assignment) then you can navigate to this dropbox via the "Dropbox" tab on the group dashboard. 

Once you click into a dropbox assignment, you will see a list of students in your class and can track a variety of things during the submission process.

In this case, we do have the gradebook enabled so you can see at the end of each line that there are grades that have been put into the system. You can also view the number of submissions for each student, as well as any additional comments that they have made about the assignment.

To help you keep track of the assignments, there are also "reviewed" labels for those assignments that have already been viewed. 

On this assignment, we allowed for late submissions, so you will see Tyrese has a "Late" label on his assignment. This means that his submission was after the due date/time which was assigned to the dropbox. 

Without the gradebook turned on, a teacher can still keep track of who has submitted their assignments, make comments to the student, and track which of the assignments they have reviewed. 

To view submissions and make comments, click on the student's name and on the right-hand side; it will display all of the information for that student. 

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