Navigating the parent interface

Parents see a dedicated interface to Finalsite Apply that allows them to quickly review their students' application and enrollment status, as well as any communications, documents, invoices and other data about students' profiles.

Parents will see a navigation pane on the left when they login:

The Home screen shows the 'landing page' that users see when they first click on the Admission page.


Parents will see the default landing page for the Admission section of the site. Any other pages that are part of the Admission website can be accessed by clicking the links under "Further Information" at the bottom of the left nav.

These pages can be edited by site admins by clicking the "Settings" icon, and then the "Pages" tab.

The Dashboard screen shows parents a summary of all of the activity on their students' profiles. It shows upcoming Admission events such as interviews and open houses, and status updates when students make or change an appointment.

Parents who have more than one student in the Admission process will be able to see activity updates across all of their students' profiles.

The Alerts & Notifications screen collects all of the automated emails that are sent to student profiles from Finalsite Apply as students move through the Admission process. The dropdown menu to the left lets parents sort messages according to their topic.

The Invoices & Fees screen displays Open and Received invoices. Parents can download PDF copies of an invoice for printing. Open invoices can be paid directly through Finalsite Apply via the green "Pay Now" link.

On the Student Details screen, parents can view upcoming events for each of their students, as well as their progress on the Application Checklist.

Any documents or files that parents and students upload to a student profile can be viewed on the Required Documents screen. Parents can use the built-in filter buttons to display the documents that they're interested in viewing. Each document reports the date and time it was uploaded, and by whom.

Finally, the Messages screen lets parents communicate with Admission staff, and view any past messages that have been sent from Finalsite Apply.

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