Getting Started with Posts 6: Publish a post

Publishing a post is easy if you have admin or publish rights to a board - just click the green “Save” button and select “Yes” when asked if you want to publish the post immediately.


However, you can also schedule a post to be published later, backdate a post to make it appear in a different order, or set up a workflow where certain people can write posts but cannot publish them.

Schedule post to publish

To schedule a post, use the date picker in the “Start” box to choose the date and time you want the post to be published.


Then, click the green “Save” button, and the post will be scheduled. A scheduled post that has not yet been published appears on the dashboard and the board’s post list with a light green stripe. No alerts will be sent for the post until its publish start time.

Backdate a post

Backdating a post can be helpful to maintain the order that existing posts on the board appear in, and all it requires is choosing a “Start” date in the past from the date picker. Alerts will not be sent when the post is backdated.

Editor/publisher workflow

If you want some users  to have the ability to add content but not publish it, you can set those users up with “View, Edit & Delete” permissions on a board. This will allow them to request publication of their content from board admins rather than publishing it directly. To find out how to give users permissions on a board, see Manage board permissions.

Users who do not have publish rights will not see any date fields at the top of their post settings. Nor will they receive an offer to immediately publish the post when they click the green “Save” button. Instead, the button will change to read “Request Publish.” By clicking this button, users without publish permissions can send a message to all board users who have “admin” permission about the pending post.


Note: If no “Admin” user is set for the board, this notification will be sent to all site administrators. Be sure every board has at least one admin with Publishing rights!

Moving a post to a new board

After publishing a post, you can always move it to a different board if needed. To do so, click on the right-pointing arrow in the bottom right corner of the post editor. You will be prompted to select a new board, other than the one it is currently on.


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