Getting Started with Posts 8: Comment on posts

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On a post-by-post basis, commenting from users can be allowed and moderated. There are options to require users to log in to comment, as well as to approve comments manually.

Enable comments on posts

On the right-hand settings menu of the new post screen, click the checkbox next to “Enable comments for this post” under the Comments section.

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Two more options will appear: “Commenters must be logged in,” which will require users to log in to a portal account before they can comment, and “Manually approve comments.” If commenters are not expected to log in, “Manually approve comments” is required.


Display comments in Post element

Even with comments enabled on a specific post, it’s necessary to set the Composer Post element to display comments in order for users to see them and add their own. Comments can be enabled for Post “Single”-format elements, or in a popup window.

In the Post Single element, enable the “Comments” checkbox under “Content Details.” Select the desired name format from the “Display commenter name as” dropdown that appears. Select the “Avatar” checkbox to show the image from that user's constituent profile next to their comments.

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If you choose to display post details in a popup, select the “Comments” checkbox from the “Pop-up Details” section of the Post List, Grid, or Slideshow element. As with the Single element, select the desired name format from the “Display commenter name as” dropdown that appears and the “Avatar” checkbox, if desired.

Approving comments

A new icon for comments will appear in the bottom-right toolbar to view and manage comments, as well as add new ones.

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If comment moderation is enabled (the "Manually approve comments" checkbox), when a user posts a comment, they’ll see a “Your comment is pending approval” message after they submit. The admin(s) of the board will be notified that there is a new comment, and they can go to Posts to approve it.

The comment is logged under the Comment icon on the bottom-right toolbar of the post screen flagged with a yellow “Pending” stripe. The admin can approve or delete the pending comment. 

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Board Admins will receive an email when there is a new comment awaiting approval. If the board does not have a designated admin, any site admin that has rights to Posts will receive the email.

Site admins can view all posts with pending comments at the top of the Posts dashboard list.


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