Make a Collection

Collections are a great way to construct ordered lists of posts to display on your site. These can be used for course catalogs, special events, alumni and student profiles, and much more!

When creating a Collection, site admins can add articles from any board to the Collection, and then rearrange the posts in any order. A Posts element can be used to display the collection alone or alongside boards.

Create a new Collection

To create a new Collection or edit an existing one, open up the Posts module, then click "Collections."

Click "+ New Collection" to create a new group of posts, or select an existing collection to edit it. When creating a new Collection, first give it a name, then save.

Choose posts

Collections allow you to gather specific posts from any board and display them together.

Click "+ Add to Collection" in the top-right corner to start adding Posts to the collection. A new window will pop up, listing the title, author, publication date, board, and status of existing posts from all boards. Use the filter at the top of the dialogue to search for specific posts by title.

Select one or more posts from this list to add to the Collection. Posts that are already in the Collection will be highlighted and cannot be added again. Posts that are expired or have not yet been published can still be added to a Collection, and they will be displayed when they become available.

Reorder posts

Once posts have been added to a Collection, use the three-dot Action Menu at the right of each post to remove it, or move it to the top or bottom of the Collection. Posts can also be dragged and dropped into a new order.Click the "Update" button at the lower left when finished. Posts in a collection will always appear in this order when the collection is displayed on the website.

Use a Collection

After saving a Collection, it can be displayed on Composer site pages with a Post element, just like a board.

In the Post element settings, expand the "Content Filters" section and click the "Select Collection" button. Choose the Collection you want to display.

A Posts element can include a single collection on its own, or combine a collection and one or more boards together in the same element. The collection will appear first, followed by board posts. If there are duplicate posts between the collection and board, they will only be displayed as part of the collection.

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