Getting Started with Posts 7: Subscribe to post updates

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You can display an RSS icon or an email subscription icon that users can click to subscribe to new Posts for specific boards.

To display an RSS or subscription icon for a board in a Posts element, you must first set a default post page for the board. If you do not already have a default landing page for the board, you must create one before adjusting the subscription settings. (You can always set the default post page to be hidden from site navigation if you don't want it to appear as a clickable link.)

Note: If a default board post page is deleted, any enabled subscriptions and/or RSS feeds will also be removed.

Enable RSS feeds and email subscriptions

To display RSS feed and email subscription links on Post elements, those options need to be enabled in the Board Settings in Posts.

Click on the three-dot Action Menu next to the board and select “Settings.” If a default board post page is set, you can select the checkboxes for “Enable RSS” and “Enable Subscriptions” at the bottom of this window.

Enable RSS and Enable Subscriptions checkboxes in board settings

Display in Composer

Once the RSS and/or subscription checkboxes are enabled for the board, you can choose whether to show them on individual Composer Post elements set to display that board.

On a page that displays posts from the desired board, open the settings for the appropriate Post element and, in the "Controls" section, select the "Display RSS icon" checkbox. The RSS and subscription icons will appear on the page, above the Posts element.

The element will then read from the Board Settings for each board it displays  to determine which icons appear. If all of the boards in the element have only “RSS feed” enabled, only that icon will appear. If both or none are selected, both or no icons will appear, respectively.

Seeing subscribers

It isn’t required to create an account to subscribe to a board. However, you do have to enter a name and email address, and it’s possible to see that information about your subscribers in Posts. Go to the three-dot Action Menu next to the board name, and click on “Subscriptions.” A popup with the email address, name, and date and time subscribed will be shown.

Markup on 2023-08-15 at 11:50:10.png

It isn’t possible to edit subscribers from this screen. For users to unsubscribe from email alerts, they should click “Unsubscribe from this board” button at the bottom of the emails they receive.

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