Questions to consider before migrating to Posts

News Manager has been developed and refined for many years with input from our clients. Posts was built from the ground up to meet the requirements we heard about the most, and the lessons that we learned from creating and improving News Manager were integrated into Posts.

News Manager is a venerable and capable module that Finalsite happily continues to support (and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon), but our development attention in the future will be focused on Posts.  Schools that are just starting out on Composer, either with a new site or a redesign, may want to consider consolidating their web communications in Posts.

Before you make the leap to migrate all of your News Manager content to Posts, though, it’s a good idea to think about how you use News and how the transition to Posts will work, for both users and site admins. You won’t be able to edit a post in News Manager after it has been migrated to Posts, so it’s best to consider any possible issues ahead of time. Before you touch the “Migrate” button, think about the following questions.

How do we use News Manager? Will we use Posts differently?

The transition from News to Posts is a great time to think about your current practices and what you might want to do differently moving forward. How many categories do you have? Categories in News Manager will become tags in Posts when they’re migrated over. You can also organize posts by board and folder. Do you have a very large archive? It may be better to leave most of it in News Manager and only migrate recent news to Posts. Do you have any news articles with unpublished changes? These will not be migrated over. Are there any “wishlist” items you’d like to do for news but haven’t been able to with News Manager? Refer to our News to Posts implementation guide for further insights on how to use Posts for your news content.

How is News used on our site? How will Posts fill that role?

Consider all of the places on your site where News elements are located, besides your homepage. Do you have a news archive list on your site, or a news slideshow on your athletics page? Do you use News Manager for any elements of your site that aren’t strictly “news,” such as student profiles? Be prepared to reconfigure all of those News elements to Posts elements, or think about which News elements to leave if you’re not planning a full transition.

Will Posts fit all our needs?

You can refer to the article Posts and News Manager compared for a full side-by-side comparison of the features of these two modules, and you’ll find that Posts does just about everything News Manager did - and more. However, it’s necessary to point out that Posts does not have SMS text alerts, and it has fewer priority and archiving options than News. These features were not included because they don’t have the popularity or relevance that they had when News Manager was created. Most users now read emails on their phones and no longer have the need for text alerts. It is still possible to prioritize articles in Posts, but we found most sites weren’t using the “high/higher/highest” options and made the decision to simplify the process.

If either of these features is integral to the way your site handles news, though, transitioning to Posts bears further consideration.

How will we carry out the migration?

By now, you should have a pretty good handle on what News Manager looks like, so how will you get everything you want to move over to Posts? When you migrate news, all the stories will become posts on a single board called “Migrated News,” in a folder called “System.” It may be a good idea to migrate a single category at a time, then move those posts to another board before migrating the next category's news. Refer to the Migrate legacy news content to Posts article for step-by-step instructions on migrating this content.

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