Migrate legacy news content to Posts

As you’re beginning to use Posts, you may want to consolidate existing news content into Posts, as well. With this in mind, Finalsite has created automatic utilities to port in content from News Manager. Before you proceed, be sure you’ve considered the issues posed in the article Questions to consider before migrating to Posts and decided how to organize your news in Posts with our News-to-Posts implementation guide.

Then, follow these instructions.

Migrating posts from News Manager

Before you begin: Note that if the author of the blog post no longer has an account on the site, the “author” field will be changed to reflect the user who migrated the news story or blog.

To convert posts from News Manager, open News Manager and select the “Post Manager” tab.

Use the filters at the top of the screen and at the top of each column to display the news articles that you want to convert to posts.

Click the magnifying glass icon next to a header to filter most columns by keyword.

Select the articles to be converted using the checkboxes, and then click the orange “Migrate Selected” button. The Migration confirmation window will appear.


Click “Migrate” to confirm your selections and begin the migration process. Depending on how many articles you selected to migrate, this may take a few minutes.

A green message will appear at the top of the post list, indicating success or the possibility that some posts were not migrated.




After you see the success message, your news stories have been migrated to Posts!

Once a news post has been migrated, it can be viewed in News Manager in read-only mode, but it cannot be edited.


In addition, the system does not allow you to migrate the article twice and will display an error message instead.

Organizing migrated posts

In Posts, the newly created posts are created in a Board called “Migrated News,” which is within a folder called “System.” These folders are created during the import process, the first time you migrate News content into Posts.

Note: The Migrated News board is set to the "Admin Only" privacy level. If you cannot see a post on the front end after it's been migrated from News Manager, double-check the selection on the Privacy tab of the Board Settings.

After your first migration, posts from subsequent migrations will be added to this same board and/or folder, unless you rename one or both or move the “Migrated News” board to a different folder.

After importing content to Posts, open up the module and go to the “System” folder. To move the “Migrated News” board, click on the three-dot Action Menu icon and select “Move to a New Folder.” You can then select a destination folder for the board.

To rename either the folder or the board, click on the Action Menu next to it and select “Settings.”

Posts in the Migrated News board can be moved individually by clicking on the Post title and using the arrow in the bottom-right corner to move the post to a new board.

During the migration, News Manager categories are converted to tags in Posts. These tags can be used to organize your posts on the site, as well as searching for them within Posts.

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  • It should be mentioned that assigned roles for News Mgr posts are also converted to tags, and are not preserved in Posts (roles/groups must be manually reassigned). 

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  • Hi Todd,
    That's a great point! Role/Group Display in Posts is a different type of functionality than what was found in News Manager, so it would have been confusing to include it in the migration. The tags allow you to easily filter posts into a portal element, or you can use them within Posts to identify which posts need updated display settings and delete them when they're no longer helpful.

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