Commerce Manager Products datasheet template

The Commerce Manager Datasheet lets site admins update school store pages all at once, rather than having to individually update each page.

Site admins should use the "Items" tab to create and edit merchandise entries. Each row represents a distinct product for sale in the store. 

Each item must have a Name and a Price. The values in these fields will be used to populate the "Title" and "Cost" fields on the corresponding Item Page.

Some items might have options such as size or color associated with them. These are not handled by adding new rows to the the spreadsheet! Instead, the option choices are listed on the "Options" tab. Options that are grouped together, such as shirt sizes (e.g., "Small," "Medium," "Large," etc.) should all share the same optionCode and Title on the Options tab of the spreadsheet. Then, add any applicable optionCode values to the optionid1, optionid2, optionid3, etc., fields to the appropriate row on the Items tab of the spreadsheet.

All of the image files for thumbnails, Medium Images and Large Images should be saved together in the same folder in File Manager. Do not include the full file path in the image columns on the Items tab; only enter the file names. Be sure to let Finalsite know which folder in File Manager you saved your images to!

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