Using Bulk Update to set pages to HTTPS

In the coming weeks, Finalsite plans to “flip” all HTTP pages to load over HTTPS for your site via a server update. We expect to begin with Composer sites as early as next week, but will post another Admin Notice when we’re ready to take that step.

Right now, your pages may be explicitly set to be served over HTTP if they were not already set to be served over HTTPS. This was done in order to minimize any impact to SEO that might come with the future update. You can see what your page is currently set to in your Page Settings


If you’d like to get ahead of the curve and update all of your site pages to use HTTPS right now, you can do that at any time using the Bulk Update tool in the Action Menu next to your site’s Home page. 


From the Bulk Update screen, set the “Use secure SSL connection” dropdown to “SSL Enabled,” and save. 


Once that’s done, go back to the Action Menu next to the homepage, select “Bulk Publish,” and publish all of the pages you just updated. 

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