FinalsiteApply SSATB Integration

SAO applications through SSATB can be pulled into Apply, either creating a new applicant profile or merging with an existing profile in the system (a dupe check is run and admins confirm if the student is a match before creation). Basic demographic information is pulled in dynamically, while any files within SSATB (recommendations, essays, etc.) are pulled in as PDFs within the Files section on the student’s profile. SSAT scores are pulled in as well, with a data sync run every 24 hours.


Schools who do not accept the SAO but which to pull in SSAT scores may also do so through this integration. In this case, the school is responsible for manually inputting the student's Folio ID, which will dynamically pull in SSAT scores. Only number scores are pulled in as part of the data sync and any new scores will be added to the student profile automatically. No files from the SSAT (i.e. writing sample) are pulled in as part of the sync.


If you would like to add this option to your FinalsiteApply site, please contact your Client Success Manager. If you are already using the integration and have questions, please submit a ticket to our Support team.

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