Share Discussion Boards Between Classes

Discussion Boards can be helpful tools teachers use for homework, collaboration, and, well, discussions!  For teachers who teach multiple sections of the same class, teachers sharing content between colleagues, or even for teachers in training, sharing discussion boards across group spaces can be a helpful and time-saving tool.  

When a Discussion Board is created or edited, the creating teacher can check off if the Board should be shareable to other group spaces, and whether comments should also be shared across group spaces.


When new Topics are created within a Discussion Board, those will be shared, as well.  

To add a shared discussion board to a class, the teacher can go to their group space Discussions tab and select  + Shared Board  to add a shared board from another class.  Teachers can view shared boards from Active or Archived groups, and will click the name of the group and then select the available shared board from the options.


Teachers can also  Import  discussion boards from their own archived groups. This allows teachers to use the same discussion board topics from year to year without sharing to others.


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